Case study: Big data & analytics in the financial services industry

In recent years, a variety of industry stakeholders, such as consumers, financial services, investment banking, capital markets, insurance and payments players, have benefitted increasingly from the introduction and increased usage of Big Data and Analytics innovation. These have included a number of use cases, varying from personalised discounts, to automated credit scoring and fraud detection.


> Industry Specific Market Growth Drivers > Industry Specific Market Barriers > Key Application Areas > Use Cases > Key Trends > Recommendations for Financial Services Firms > Future Roadmap

Key questions answered:

> What are the market drivers and restraints shaping big data application in the financial services industry?

> What are the key technology advancements that enable new business models?

> What are the regulatory forces at play in aiding or inhibiting development?

> What are the security concerns and why are they prevalent?

> How are big data platforms being deployed across personal and business banking, investment banking and capital markets, insurance services, credit cards and payments processing, lending and financing, asset and wealth management segments?

> What are the key use cases for application and how can customers and industry players benefit?

> What are the recommendations for financial services firms?

> What does the future roadmap look like for the sector up until 2020, and beyond?

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