Case Study: Will a big bet on banking pay for Orange – and other telcos?

The launch of Orange Bank in November 2017 begs the question as to whether other telcos should also be pushing much deeper into financial services, as new regulation and the rise of smartphones disrupt traditional banking.

This report analyses Orange’s launch of Orange Bank at the end of 2017, examining the strategy behind the new services, considering why Orange decided to launch a bank independently and exploring the ways in which the business model could be relevant to other telcos.

In examining the business case, the report looks at what Orange learnt from its previous mobile money initiatives, what its long-term strategy is, why it chose to launch a new banking service and how it was aided or impeded by regulatory changes in the industry.

The report is structured into the following sections:

  • The first part of the report outlines consumer behaviour changes and regulatory intervention in the payments industry. This explains why the current climate is aiding the launch of new mobile banking services by telcos and other innovative players.

  • The second section considers the strength of the banks’ position in the consumer payments market, and how leveraging customer data and digital services can provide opportunities in this area, with a particular focus on telcos.

  • The third and final section examines the Orange Bank proposition in detail, mobile money strategies from operators in developed and developing markets, and how Orange’s approach can inform similar telco strategies, while also suggesting ways for telcos to differentiate themselves from the competition.


> Executive Summary

> Technology and regulation rock banking

> Recommendations and takeaways

> Introduction

> How consumer financial services is changing

> Smartphones drive fintech adoption

> New regulation to shake up payments industry

> Banks under pressure to innovate

> Orange Bank, a mobile-first proposition

> Incumbents’ response to Orange Bank

> Telcos’ track record in financial services

> The developing world

> The developed world

> Conclusions and Recommendations

> Orange Bank looks promising

> Telcos have multiple options in the banking market

> Recommendations and takeaways

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