Case Study: Global Health & Beauty trends

Global Health & Beauty trends for a large consumer goods company.

Key questions answered:

> What are the overall market dynamics for each geography of interest for the project?

> What are the total market figures for the global wellness opportunity, and how does this change by geography and segment?

> What are the takeaway themes and how does this relate to a global strategy?

> Where does technology fit in order to tailor the approach for the customer?

> What is the affect of these trends on the competitive landscape?

> How does omnichannel retail affect the buying process?

> What are the overall market dynamics for the industry, including individual segments i.e. online, one-stop shop?

* This is a case study of a recent commissioned report by a Harper Research client. Please contact me if you have a similar research need or another project in mind.

#healthbeauty #wellness #personalisation #omnichannel #retail #retailmarketing

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