Case Study: Organic Health, Beauty & Wellness Trends for 2019

“In the face of longer lifespans, and rising chronic disease, stress and unhappiness, we only see growth for wellness ahead,” commented Ophelia Yeung, senior research fellow, GWI.

A seemingly bleak prophecy, however, without a doubt, our modern lifestyles are driving change and innovation in health and beauty, where natural and organic products reign supreme and consumers take a more active interest in the make up and production of products they use and buy.

Key questions answered:

> What are the overall market dynamics for the industry?

> What are the total market figures for the global wellness market opportunity, including health, beauty, personal care, wellness tourism, fitness and nutrition?

> What are the forecasted figures for 2019 and 2021?

> What is changing in the certification and legislation landscape, and how does this fit with the emerging trends?

> What are the macro and short-term market trends and drivers, and what can we expect to see at the forefront in 2019?

> Key case studies on emerging products, and product types that support these trends

> Key quotes from industry experts and research houses outlining industry themes and viewpoints

*This is a case study of a recent commissioned report for a Harper Research client. Please contact me if you have a similar research need or another project in mind.

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