Harper Research's Christmas Wrap-Up

Hello! A very Happy Christmas from me. To 'wrap-up' the end of year I am giving you a festive round-up from my first year running HarperResearch.co.uk (I wouldn't be much of an analyst if I didn't analyse my own site)...

So, some key facts for you:

> To date, HarperResearch.co.uk has recorded 755 page visits, and 275 visitors since January 2018

> 42% of visitors who read the blog came back to read again

> LinkedIn is my top referred site at 29% of visitors, followed by Google (22%) and Instagram (16%)

> Most visitors come from the UK (68%), with 17% from the US and 5% from India

> My 5 most read posts were the following:

1 Case study: Big data & analytics in the financial services industry


2 Key technology trends shaping retail and ecommerce


3 Case Study: Will a big bet on banking pay for Orange - and other telcos?


4 Advice for retailers in today's climate


5 Payments: what consumers want


> December was my highest ranking month for vistors and page loads (also, can you tell I had a baby in July?)

Well, that's it for my Christmas wrap-up.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas - thank you for all of your support in 2018!

I'll leave you with my little red robin, seemingly trying to take off!

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