Trendspotting: Blockchain used to track food journeys

Following the romaine lettuce recall, the foodservice industry has had to stand up to scrutiny around food safety.

Sweetgreen, a fast casual chain is investing in blockchain technology to track food journeys from end-to-end. This will encompass tracking the origin of the food, as well as its journey to the store. Currently, consumers are essentially required to trust that retailers and food produce companies do what they say they do, when it comes to the food supply chain. Tracking produce creates an efficiency and transparency around this process, making it easier for customers to trust companies, and therefore remain loyal to brands.

In China, several retailers, such as Walmart, have already begun using blockchain technology in a bid to offer consumers more clarity around their processes. Additionally, all Hema Fresh supermarkets in Shanghai now support a new app, which gives consumers an insight into the journey of their food, from farm to shelf.

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