Case Study: Organic Beauty & Wellness, 2019 trends

Key questions answered:

> What are the overall market dynamics for the industry?

> What are the total market figures for the global wellness market opportunity, including health, beauty, personal care, wellness tourism, fitness and nutrition?

> What are the forecasted figures for 2019 and 2021?

> What is changing in the certification and legislation landscape, and how does this fit with the emerging trends?

> What are the macro and short-term market trends and drivers, and what can we expect to see at the forefront in 2019?

> Key case studies on emerging products, and product types that support these trends

> Key quotes from industry experts and research houses outlining industry themes and viewpoints

*This is a case study of a recent commissioned report for a Harper Research client. Please contact me if you have a similar research need or another project in mind.

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