Case Study: Sponsored content for Lufthansa Airlines & MasterCard in City A.M.

Thrilled to see my article for Lufthansa Airlines and MasterCard published in City A.M. last Friday. The content was sponsored with a view of promoting their new Miles & More global travellers card, launched in collaboration with Diners Club International.

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Millennials create rewarding experiences with new Miles & More’s Global Travellers Card

These days, we want to be rewarded for being loyal. Many brands are rising to the challenge of giving back to the millennial and gen Z consumer. As avid adventurers, who regularly seek out new places, cuisines and memorable experiences, some travel companies are leading with offering something new and experiential to this profitable traveller segment, while retaining the success of existing loyalty points and membership reward models.

Become a true experiential traveller

Reward programmes are starting to offer far more than your standard points and miles schemes. The fact is, the savvy, experiential traveller wants far more from a travel card than just the flight and a hotel stay. Members always appreciate being made to feel special, being rewarded for choosing a certain brand over another, and given a little something extra in return. However, the true value sought by today’s up-and-coming consumers are those small but significant, luxury moments: that extra cocktail, the unique experiences, the luxury hotel with the sea view. And in a society where social media showcases luxury experiences to us in our every day, we quite rightly feel that we, too, deserve a slice of the high life.

We can see this trend permeating through to the loyalty programmes of airline charge cards. The recent launch of the Miles & More’s Global Travellers Card in the UK concentrates on elevating the travel experience. They have partnered with Diners Club International to give their members access to airport lounges for just £15, so travellers can enjoy some peace and quiet away from the airport’s hustle and bustle, and enjoy drinks and snacks in the exclusive Diners Club lounge.

Get the local experience

The Miles & More travellers card really allows you to tap into the local landscape of your chosen destination. Lufthansa customers are given access to over 300 partner brands, from hotels, to car rentals and restaurants worldwide, earning more travel reward points as they spend. Going deeper with this concept, Miles & More have also trialled a pilot award miles programme in Berlin, which was launched in collaboration with, to offer award miles to members dining in a selection of 50 Berlin restaurants, with more locations in the pipeline.

This means that you can be guided to the best eateries in town by the traveller card, dine like a King, and collect some well-earned points for your next trip along the way. It’s a smart and easy way to give you a bit of that local magic, making you feel “at home” and somewhat settled in your surroundings.

Do it all in the lap of luxury - for less

The new reward programme gives 1.25 awards points back to the customer for every pound spent. This means you can redeem your award miles and stay in hotels, luxury resorts or apartments all over the world and enjoy a first-class holiday.

The focus has clearly shifted from traditional airmiles and rewards models. Companies are focusing on the customer experience overall, giving members an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, cuisine, and stay in the best-known luxury hotels. These days, it seems travel companies are truly starting to understand and cater to what today’s experiential traveller wants.

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