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It has been a while since I did some analysis on the performance of my site. The last time was when I penned the original and hilariously titled Christmas post: 'Harper Research's Christmas Wrap-up', at Christmastime in 2018, which you can read here:

Seeing as I have been running this blog for a while now, I thought I would take the opportunity to show you the most read articles on, collecting data from January 2018 to present. There is no obvious common denominator between them, however, they are all still relevant today, so I hope you will read and enjoy them.

So, please click on the links below to read the top 5 most popular articles:

5. What's new in beauty and omnichannel retail

4. Key technology trends shaping retail and ecommerce

3. The problem with a cashless society

2. Open Banking and PSD2 - who are the winners and losers of the new age?

1. Rewards for retailers ahead of the curve in payments

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