Trendspotting: Are retailers unprepared for digital?

A significant number of UK retailers are not actively preparing for the future.

According to recent research by PushON, 35% of UK have admitted to not having a business transformation strategy in place to handle the rise of digital technology and changing consumer habits.

PushON surveyed 100 retailers and found that 20% have not invested in developing in digital at all this year.

Even though there are inevitably retailers who have a strategy in place, 27% of those surveyed said that they are currently progressing positively with their transformation.

Additionally, only a small number (26%) feel that digital transformation projects are 'crucial' for them to survive in the current competitive market.

As part of the survey, PushON also surveyed 1,000 consumers to establish whether retailers are investing in the digital developments that they really want. 77.1% said that they don’t think the majority of retailers are doing enough in this area.

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