2019 Best Nine

As the year comes to a close, most people try to look back and re-evaluate what they've acheived that year, what they haven't, and decide on aims for the New Year.

I absolutely love the Insta 'Best Nine', a tool that calculates your top 9 Instagram posts based on likes. It's seemingly superficial: why would I base my top memories from a whole year of my life on how many people have liked a personal post of mine?

But that would be missing the point. Each year, the posts that come up surprise me. Mainly because around this time I spend most of the days between Christmas and New Year coming up with unrealistic goals for the next year.

What this tool does is make me SLOW DOWN. It makes me realise I don't take enough time to look at what I have done, rather than what I haven't.

This year, my husband and I have bought our first home in the Oxfordshire countryside. I have recovered from birth and becoming a Mum for the first time. I have kept a freelance business going through all of this and in August this year, I started working full-time and commuting into London. I have learnt to just be in the fields during times when I need to stop, and breath.

I guess learning how to stop, breath and slow down, should therefore be my New Year's plan, if I am going to force myself to make one.

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